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SPHW LogViewer is a cross-platform Viewer that provides consistent experience on the Windows and Linux operating systems.

SPHW LogViewer is available in the following editions:

  • Lifetime Freeware
    The SPHW LogViewer is and remains 100% freeware, it can be used privately as well as commercially for free. Please have a look at the License Agreement.


The installer can be found on the products page.

System requirements

RAM500MB of free RAM2GB
Disk space60MB100MB
Operatin system

Officially released 64-bit versions of the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • Any Linux distribution that supports Gnome, KDE , or Unity DE

Pre-release versions are not supported.

Latest 64-bit version of Windows or Linux (for example, Debian, Ubuntu, or RHEL)

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