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With the tool bar, you have access to the most used functionality and some additional information about the file in the current selected tab.

Overview Diagram
diagramNameTool bar

  • Open
    Opens the dialog to choose a file to open.
  • Monitor folder
    This feature allows you to select a folder instead of a file. All files in this folder will then be opened in a new tab, if a file gets added to the folder it will also appear as a tab. If a file gets deleted in this folder the according tab will be automatically closed.
  • Auto switch to active Tab
    If this is activated, the LogViewer switches automatically to the tab which recogniced new log entries. The sensibility of this feature can be changed in the settings.
  • Find
    Opens the search tool bar.
  • Highlighting
    Opens the highlighting dialog to set up some highlighting rules.
  • Highlighting group
    Selection to choose what highlighting group should be applied to the current tab.
  • Clear
    Clears the entries from the view and visualizes only new entries.
  • Reset clear
    Resets the clear and shows again the whole log-file.
  • Auto Scroll
    If this checkbox is checked, the SPHW LogViewer will always scroll automatically to the very bottom of the file.
    Manually scrolling up will automatically disable this funktionality, manually scrolling to the very bottom will automatically enable it.
  • Filename
    Shows the filename of the file in the current selected tab.
  • Filesize
    Shows the filesize of the file in the current selected tab.

Bound to tab

The following UI elements are bound to the current log-file tab.

  • Find
  • Highlighting group
  • Clear
  • Reset Clear
  • Auto Scroll
  • Filename
  • Filesize

That means, that if you switch the current tab, the elements will adjust their values accordingly.

titleFor instance

If you select one highlighting group in one tab and you switch to another one where you haven't selected a group. The element disselect will clear the groupselection.

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